Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
for Endurance Performance

Rishi Eric Infanti, MA

Rishi has spent his life in service of one mission – to guide, educate and support an integrated mind, body, spirit connection for endurance performance. As the founder of Soul Tribe – Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit for Endurance, he knows from years of training, education and experience that the most powerful force of the Universe is the integrated connection of mind, body and spirit.


When an athlete or business owner understands these connections and nurtures them, they are able to tap into an energy source which allows them to not only reach their goals, but surpass them, and keep on going

Rishi is an educator, coach, teacher, trainer, Marine Corps Veteran and author of several books, including Marine on the Mat. As a pursuer of knowledge his entire life, Rishi brings all that information and wisdom to his clients. His passion, whether he is helping athletes, first responders, tactical operators, or business owners, is to help individuals understand that the mind, body and spirit connection is key to a life of physical and spiritual fulfillment.


In addition to creating the Soul Tribe programs, as a trained Technical Project Manager and Systems' Analyst, Rishi has also designs marketing and technology-related programs, products and services focused on educating the next generation of healers and trainers.


Whether he is supporting an athlete in achieving their goals or guiding a martial arts studio owner to bring the business online, he shares his expertise, compassion and dedication in every situation.

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & 7-time Author, he is the author of “Marine in the Mat” & “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga & the Martial Way”, & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”; and is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for Psychologists, Therapists, Alternative Healers & Yoga Teachers.


It is Rishi’s passion to help the overall Veterans’ support community bring much needed, relief and healing to Veterans especially those with PTSD. He does this through a multi-tiered “Mindfulness for Veterans Clinical Blueprint Program”. 


This is built upon a holistic & integrated approach of Mindfulness mental focusing and Yoga Meditation & Movement, which is proven to bring the human Psycho-Physiology & Psycho-Spiritual back to wholeness & oneness. The programs are delivered both live in-person or virtually where modalities are customized for each segment of health professionals, family caregivers and the Veterans themselves. 


He is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, a gifted Therapist, Bodyworker & Energy Worker, and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers, while offering his own eclectic Certification design for Yin Yoga, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and a 20/50/200/500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training.


Rishi is a teacher of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. He has studied in Mysore, India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's family at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and Acharya V. Sheshadri. His background and training includes over 2,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, and has been exploring the psychology of the mind-body connection to foster balance and equanimity. He has a Masters degree in Buddhist Psychology, and a second Masters degree in Consciousness Studies & Ayurvedic Science.


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